December 27th, 2007

Light Reading

For those of you who haven’t had enough to eat during this holiday season, here are a couple of interesting morsels to chew on…

My grandfather was a pediatrician, and, truth be told, he had pretty decent handwriting so I tended to scoff at that old cliche about doctors drafting indecipherable scrips. Well, he may have been an anomaly. The Wall Street Journal Health Blog had a post today about how more docs are admitting that their handwriting is a leading cause of medical miscommunication — according to a survey by health information company Thomson Healthcare.

If you believe men really are funnier than women (I’m not even going to offer an opinion on that one…) a UK researcher thinks he may have determined the reason why: testosterone. Thanks to KevinMD for bringing this one to light…

And finally, for those of you who have eight minutes to spare, here’s a really cool animated video of the inner life of a cell. (Thanks to Impactiviti.)

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