March 4th, 2008

Health 2.0 Notes

By Marc

At the Health 2.0 meeting today in San Diego and I’m watching a panel discussion that includes patients talking about how social networking tools helped them improve their health. The first speaker is a woman who used Daily Strength to network with other people trying to lose weight and ended up dropping 140 pounds – the second was a concert pianist who was diagnosed with a rare cancer and who — by using I’m Too Young for This — connected with others who helped him fight his cancer.

Quite inspiring. These are early adoptors who have shown that through the application of these tools they can manage their health care needs. But for these tools to become more widely used, as I keep banging on about, people will have to be certain that their data is secure and that they will get something out of engaging — such as improved outcomes or reduced costs.

BTW — the reception we sponsored last night was a lot of fun. We were a bit short on food, but the conversation was fascinating and the view spectacular. Fotos to follow.

2 Responses to “Health 2.0 Notes”

  1. Michael D. Miller, MD says

    Interesting observation about the Health 2.0 meeting. I’ve met several people involved with Second Life (from Linden Labs), and recently read some articles about health related activities in Second Life. Has there been any Second Life discussions at this meeting?

    Thx, Mike

  2. Marc says


    As a matter of fact, during that same discussion they connected in with a patient who had a physical disability, but was living the life she dreamed of on Second Life. She considered it to be an important way to maintain her morale. Should have mentioned that in the post — thanks for the reminder.

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