August 12th, 2008

Voices From Beijing: Olympic Stars

By Jeremy Walsh, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for PriCara in the United States, blogging from Beijing.

The photographer is Anne Lebus, Customer Support Specialist at the Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics European Support Center (OCDESC) in Illkirch, France


On Aug. 10 at the Johnson & Johnson Olympic Pavilion, Anne and I attended a presentation by Johnson & Johnson China on the topic of Olympic Stars. The stars being honored were the mothers of all the Olympic athletes. I’d have to agree that many of the athletes probably owe much of their success to their mothers. Mom’s are great (try disagreeing with me on that one)! Interestingly enough, Johnson & Johnson recently broke the world record for the most mother and baby photos in China. It was a great presentation and the ambiance was set by the many cute drawings made by Kindergarten classes in Shanghai.


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