May 20th, 2009

Calling Mommy Vloggers

I wanted to share an interesting idea we’ve initiated on the Johnson & Johnson health channel. It’s a series we call “Real Moms.”

I’ve invited Mommy Vlogers to submit videos on topics relevant to them, and which might be helpful to a larger audience.

So far, I’ve received videos on safety tips for toddlers, how to make homemade baby food, and teaching your kids to be ecologically friendly. They don’t have to be perfect — most have been made on a flip cam — and I do post most of the videos sent to me, as long as they don’t reference specific products. To compensate the vlogers I pay $100 for each video used.

One of my favorites was done by Colleen Padilla (Classy Mommy) on tips about how to keep from going stir crazy with your kids when stuck inside during bad weather.

I’m always looking for more content, so if you are interested, just let me know by clicking “send message” on the Johnson & Johnson health channel.

8 Responses to “Calling Mommy Vloggers”

  1. Caleb Cohen says

    As a Stay At Home Dad for over 8 years, primary care giver to 2 wonderful and awesome boys, I am appalled at your current “Real Moms” promotion and solicitation for child rearing tips! You know, I don’t know is appalled is a strong enough word!

    It’s bad enough that as a Dad, I am shunned at playgrounds, kept from playgroups and raise my children in greater isolation than a similar at home mom, but now companies who sell products I, and other at home dads, use on a regular basis is telling us that our opinions, our advice, our experience doesn’t count for squat.

    I have so much to say that I don’t even know where to go, especially since I sincerely doubt anyone will read this. I sincerely hope that as I start blogging about this, my fellow dad bloggers will and you will be forced to rescind and retract this ill-thought promotion!

    You want to watch a great video, check this one out – – yeah, that’s me on ABC World News. Real Dad, at home with his kids. You want to do something valuable, why not sponsor an entire segment of your product users by helping out with the 14th Annual At Home Dad’s Convention in Omaha –

    What’s sadder is that my wife works in the Pharma industry in NJ and we have many friends who work as research chemists for JNJ. Please, someone, re-think this downright stupid and insulting campaign!

  2. Rob Halper says

    Your point is well taken, and in fact, I have reached out to some Dads about submitting videos for a “Real Dads” campaign, but have gotten no response. I even reference the idea in one of my comments, above. I just happened to have had more networking opportunities among “Mommy bloggers.” It wasn’t really meant to be a “campaign”, just a way to engage with the community and give Moms an opportunity to tell interesting and fun stories about family life with their own videos. I would be more than happy to consider any of your original videos and those of other Dads and start a “Real Dads” playlist as well. I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Robb Tavill says

    I am sorry that things were written as they were and glad to see that you are attempting as well to reach out to the dads. I agree with my fellow At Home Dad Caleb Cohen on this and would offer you to join the At Home Dads message board at and post a thread asking dads there to see if they would like to participate in the program. As one of the volunteer dads working diligently on the 14th (Yes 14th) Annual At Home Dads National Convention, I am disappointed by the lack of acknowledgment that Johnson & Johnson and other companies that provide things for families, towards At Home Dads. I would also like to personally invite you to Omaha Nebraska, the site of the convention, so that you may get a first hand look at things that we At Home Dads do on a regular basis and the educational and informative event that we have planned. The convention is scheduled here on October 10, 2009. I believe I even wrote to Johnson & Johnson requesting sponsorship and was ignored. By the way you started this on the JNJ BTW board, it only goes to emphasize the lack of knowledge that there is in regards to the ever increasing new trend in the care of our children today. I hope that by my response after Caleb’s response is that you may become more aware of this trend in child rearing and advise others at Johnson & Johnson that they need to reach out to every aspect of the market place and not discriminate or alienate half of your market demographic.

  4. Rob Halper says

    Thanks for you comment. I will take up your suggestion about the Dads message Board and will make every effort to make it to your conference. I’m sorry that your request for sponsorship was ignored, but we’re a large company and it might not have gone to the appropriate place. I’d be happy to talk to you about it.


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