May 22nd, 2009

Giving Back Image of the Week


Tu Du Hospital Midwife Training
Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Tu Du Hospital offers midwife training to help reduce high neonatal death rates in Vietnam. Johnson & Johnson supports a training program for midwives in 32 cities in rural areas. The program also includes a train-the-trainer component that significantly increases the number of midwives reached.
Here, the photographer shows a young midwife holding a newborn infant close to her body, a midwifery practice that helps prevent heat loss in the newborn.

(Photographer: Janea Wiedmann, a Johnson & Johnson – International Center of Photography Fellowship recipient)


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  1. jose says

    giving back is very important. giving and helping is a good way to show love and tha t you care about oyhers. it is important to practice doing this in our lives.

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