June 19th, 2009

So What’s With the New Look?

Some of you may be asking yourself, what’s with the bathroom mirror and medicine cabinet? Where’s that quirky earhorn I’m so fond of???

JNJBTW has been around for more than two years now, and during that time, we’ve learned a great deal. We’ve started to listen a bit more to what is being said online about our business and our industry and have tried, whenever possible, to become part of those conversations.

While we are still learning and growing (hopefully that process will never stop) over the past few months, the earhorn that used to grace the top of the JNJBTW page has increasingly looked out of place.

You see, in the beginning, only a few of us were contributing to the blog and, admittedly, we were a bit unused to listening to people – hence the earhorn.

Today, however, more and more folks within Johnson & Johnson are not only paying attention to what’s being said online, but are turning to JNJBTW to share their stories and perspectives.

And so it was high time for a new look – one that would convey that people from within Johnson & Johnson are now starting to share useful information as well as their own thoughts and experiences on this blog. By reading JNJBTW, people will hopefully see a different, and perhaps more personal side of Johnson & Johnson – and the hope is that this new look is in keeping with that content.


13 Responses to “So What’s With the New Look?”

  1. Dr. Val says

    I like the new look. I thought the ear horn was a megaphone… heh! This style is homey and comfortable – and makes me feel as if I’m visiting a friend and about to sneak some band aids out of the medicine cabinet. My new shoes do kinda hurt. Do you mind? 😉

  2. Fabio G. says

    AHHH… awesome! Finally we agencies have something new to use in our “what pharma should be doing in social media” decks 😉 I was definately getting tired of the conch, bullhorn, earhorn, or whatever that was. Look forward to seeing and hearing more about where J&J is headed with social. fg

  3. Mariano says

    Great new look. Definitely feels “Homey.”

    J&J is at the forefront of what will surely be a more social industry in the years to come. Nice job.

    Since you’re doing work on the site, you should also consider turning on permalinks…I’m not sure if there was a decision to keep this off, but setting up a permalink structure makes your site more search-engine friendly.

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