July 17th, 2009

Image of the Week


Kick Start Farms

Nairobi, Kenya
With the goal of eliminating poverty,
Kick Start develops low-cost agricultural and construction equipment for micro-entrepreneurs in Africa, allowing local farmers and craftsmen to develop profitable small-scale enterprises, creating jobs and promoting sustainable economic growth. Johnson & Johnson supports Kick Start’s work in Kenya.
The photographer, Willie Davis, captures the pensive look of a Kenyan woman who stands amidst the crop that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to grow without the use of Kick Start’s micro-irrigation technologies. These technologies provide the means for Kenyan farmers to develop very profitable small businesses. The close focus of Davis’ photograph creates a delicate image that contrasts the lush green trees with the woman’s face.


(Photographer: Willie Davis, a Johnson & Johnson – International Center of Photography Fellowship recipient)

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  1. Nora Turino says

    Excellent picture… this photo is as fascinating as the story behind it. It is amazing the difference that J&J can do to the global community by supporting organizations like Kick Start. Standing ovation…

    Thanks for sharing it Shaun!

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