January 15th, 2010

Help For Haiti

As I’ve watched the images of devastation and human suffering in Haiti unfold over the past few days, I’ve been asking myself – what can I do to help? There are, after all, many different charitable organizations out there doing good work, but which ones should I contribute to? Is it better to contribute money to get people the help, supplies and medical attention that they need immediately and in the longer term, or to contribute to clothing and food drives being organized. Many disaster experts recommend donating money versus supplies during early relief efforts because supplies may not arrive, may disrupt the local economy, and may not be culturally appropriate.

Like many other organizations, Johnson & Johnson is sending aid in the form of cash as well as needed health care products. For instance, a note went out to employees yesterday morning explaining that as a starting point, four Johnson & Johnson disaster relief modules with large quantities of consumer and over-the-counter products have been shipped. The company has also provided employees with a means to contribute to charitable organizations that my colleagues in the corporate contributions group feel have a good track record of providing the support and help in times of such emergencies. For Johnson & Johnson employees in the U.S., contributions made to these organizations will be matched by the corporation.

While the company won’t match such gifts for non-employees, looking over the list, I couldn’t help but think that others looking for some guidance may find such a list of these organizations a good place to turn. Of course, this is not to say that other charities and organizations that aren’t included on this list also aren’t worthy causes and won’t contribute in a significant way to the relief effort, but I nonetheless felt that it may be a useful list to share. Below are some of the organizations we are supporting

Catholic Medical Mission Board
Direct Relief International
Esperanza International
Heart to Heart
Hospital Albert Schweitzer (Pittsburgh)
Medical Teams International
Partners In Health


5 Responses to “Help For Haiti”

  1. Pharm Aid says

    It’s a shame not to see the American Red Cross on this list. Given J&J’s painful history with the American Red Cross this could have been a golden opportunity to show goodwill and put that chapter in the past. Haiti needs immediate help and some of the organizations J&J has donated to aren’t even on the ground there – unlike the Red Cross, Doctor’s Without Borders and others. A pity this opportunity was squandered.

  2. Howard Rater says

    Shame on you J & J for your slow motion approach to the current recall of your previously trusted brands marketed by one of your companies. You have irrevocably hurt your trusted image with America and the world.
    What you have here is a failure to communicate with the most important people in your universe, your customers. Perhaps the all mighty buck got in the way of a sane approach to being up front, or your storied management has gotten amnesia on how to handle public relations.

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