April 16th, 2010

Giving a Hand to Raise Awareness of Diabetes

Just recently, a colleague of mine over at our LifeScan business gave me a heads up about a project she’s been working one that they hope will help raise awareness about a disease that is all too often about statistics and too seldom about the hearts and minds of the thousands of people it touches.

Back in 2008, LifeScan’s OneTouch brand team launched the Global Diabetes Handprint – which enables people with diabetes to share what it means to them to live with this disease. Inspired by the Word in Your Hand Project found on TuDiabetes.com, the idea is for you to write the one word in the palm of your hand that best describes what diabetes means to you and share it on the Global Diabetes Handprint website.

The Global Diabetes Handprint now has a home on Facebook. When you add your hand image to the site, it will be added to a community mosaic comprised of people representing every age, gender, and race from all around the globe.

Yet beyond raising awareness of a disease that afflicts about 23.6 million people each year what I found particularly intriguing about this initiative is that for every hand received, OneTouch® will donate $5 to one of three diabetes charities – Taking Care of Your Diabetes, Diabetes Education and Camping Association or Diabetes Hands Foundation. How’s that for giving back to the community?


2 Responses to “Giving a Hand to Raise Awareness of Diabetes”

  1. Manny Hernandez says

    We at the Diabetes Hands Foundation are very excited about this. We recently got listed among the diabetes charities that can benefit from the submissions made by participants, so we are very thankful to Lifescan and to everyone participating in this beautiful community project!

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