March 17th, 2011

Share Your Thoughts and Best Wishes With the People of Japan

As Sharon D’Agostino described in her earlier blog post about what Johnson & Johnson is doing to provide aid to the people of Japan, my colleagues and I at the Johnson & Johnson family of companies are deeply saddened by the situation since the earthquake struck last week, Beyond the contribution of money and products that the company will be providing, we decided to create a message board on this blog so that our colleagues, retirees and friends can connect and share their thoughts, best wishes and helpful information in support of the people of Japan in their time of crisis.

If you have something you would like to contribute to the discussion, please visit the board.

4 Responses to “Share Your Thoughts and Best Wishes With the People of Japan”

  1. Patricia Rodrigues says

    Dear Wonderful People of Japan,
    We love you and our hearts bleed with you in this most trying times. We are with you, the whole world is with you and God is with you. Trust in God, Take Courage and Rise Again to your full glory and for the glory of God.
    With Love and Prayers
    Patricia Rodrigues
    Johnson & Johnson – India

  2. Matt Davis says

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and the many victims of the earthquake and tsunami. A special prayer for the Defense forces and other rescuers looking for survivors and helping people evacuate near the nuclear plants.

    We’re watching every moment and wishing we be there to lend a hand. Johnson & Johnson’s contributions are wonderful, and inspired my family to reach out with a contribution via the American Red Cross. Please send help if you and your family are able.

  3. Mom in a radon zone says

    BABY POWDER FOR FUKUSHIMA – come on J&J, we know radioactive particles cling to sticky surfaces eg. on sticky nitrocellulose strips used in radon tests for alpha track etches, as well as onto the fine, sticky hairs (called trichomes) on both sides of tobacco leaves, hence LOADS of BABY POWDER is required for all those people working in the 20 miles radius especially the chaps sweating in the nuclear complex itself.

  4. João Stefano says

    I and my familiy are with you , the whole world is with you and the moust important is God. Trust in God ! I’v prayed for all japoneses familys and I wish much courage for that people to reconstruction our lives.

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