April 1st, 2011

Response to Recent Coverage in Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Recently, Bloomberg BusinessWeek published an article covering some recent events at Johnson & Johnson and its operating companies. The piece covered a great deal of ground, ranging from the recent recalls at our DePuy unit to the situation at our McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit. To express his perspective on behalf of the employees of Johnson & Johnson, Chairman and CEO Bill Weldon sent a letter to the editor of Bloomberg Businessweek to share our position on the article:

April 1, 2011

Dear Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek,

I read your article this week about our company, and I was truly saddened by your portrayal of Johnson & Johnson. The recent events you wrote about are disappointments for me as the chairman and CEO and, more importantly, for the men and women of our company. We own our mistakes, but your story misrepresents and understates the deep commitment of our 114,000 people who dedicate their careers and lives to serving the world’s human health care needs.

Over the course of Johnson & Johnson’s 125-year history, we have made incredible contributions to the medicines and products that so many people have counted on to cure, heal and help their families to lead healthy lives. And we continue doing so today. We hold those achievements close to our hearts. They inspire each of us at Johnson & Johnson to work on behalf of the millions of patients and customers who use our products every day.

We don’t claim to be perfect and we would never put anything ahead of patient health and safety. In cases where we let down our customers, we have accepted responsibility for our mistakes, instituted changes, and committed the company’s resources to continuously improve ourselves and our products for the benefit of our patients.

Your readers – our customers – should know that we are listening and remain committed to manufacturing high-quality products that improve and prolong lives. We are a company that finds no greater satisfaction or fulfillment than addressing the important health issues and needs of people who use our products every day.


William C. Weldon
Chairman and CEO
Johnson & Johnson


2 Responses to “Response to Recent Coverage in Bloomberg BusinessWeek”

  1. Jai Sehgal says

    The Bloomberg Businessweek article was brutal but accurate in many respects. I was once again embarassed by the serious missteps that have taken place within our company. I do understand that the majority of employees are rock solid, hard working individuals with an uncompromising commitment to quality and ethical practices, but they have been let down by “incompetent” senior management who were driven by the need to make their numbers at any cost.
    Todays $70 million fine for bribery is the “icing on the cake”.

    While my 19 years at J&J was in only two companies, I had seen a decline in the quality of our leaders, who seemed to pay lip service to the Credo, while pushing their agenda in making them look good before Corporate management. After each Credo survey, committees would be formed with much fanfare and then nothing would happen.

    For J&J to recover, the Credo needs to be in the forefront and every single strategy, tactic and activity should be objectively evaluated to see if it meets the Credo test.

  2. Gerald Kolber says

    As an employee of J&J I am proud of the work that we do, the people we help and the lives we save. I encourage you to take a day and volunteer at your local hospital to witness firsthand how we positively impact the lives of others as that should out shadow any press you may hear.

    The employees of J&J ARE rock solid and hard working with an uncompromising commitment to quality and ethical practices… this statement applies to every single employee from our entry level associates to our most senior management… after all we are one J&J with one Credo and one set of common goals.

    I am proud to be a J&J employee and appreciate the level of increasing complexity and difficulty our management teams must navigate.

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