May 17th, 2011

It is With Mixed Emotions…

OK, ok, ok.   Enough with “corporate speak.”  Here’s the scoop:  After 14 years at Johnson & Johnson, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave the company and set up on my own as a consultant.  For details of my plans, you can follow me on my personal Twitter feed @MDMonseau.  

I’ve NEVER liked the cliched phrase “it is with mixed emotions”  that starts almost every internal memo that’s distributed when someone moves on to another job.  But as someone who is doing just that, I have to admit there is truth in those overused words:  although it’s hard to leave so many good friends and colleagues, I’m also excited about the future — for both me and for my friends at Johnson & Johnson.

One reason I’m excited is that I’m handing over the day-to-day management of this blog and the corporate Twitter feed, @JNJComm, to my very capable colleagues.  They’ve been responsible for much that we have accomplished on the social web and I’m looking forward to seeing what they will do next. 

In my first post on JNJBTW way back in 2007, I explained how the company had to relearn how to listen and interact with people. While there have been a few stumbles, we’ve learned a lot since those early days. 

On this blog, we’ve tackled some difficult situations, like when the company was embroiled in a suit against the American Red Cross or when reporters have gotten their facts wrong or when our McNeil Consumer Healthcare business was criticized for an advertisement that was running on its website.  But there have also been some exciting developments, like the recent announcements around Text4Baby or news about the company’s charitable activities.  

While I’ve been resident blogger, editor and chief bottle washer for JNJBTW (among my many other responsibilities) my friends and colleagues in the J&J Corporate Communication group have also been very busy with a variety of activities on the social web.  Here are few highlights: 

And much more.  And that, of course, doesn’t even touch on all that is going on within the Johnson & Johnson operating companies.   

Through these efforts, the company has been finding its voice — and its role — online.  It’s been incredibly exciting and intellectually stimulating (as well as a lot of fun) to be part of this effort.  

And so it is with mixed emotions that I hand over the keys to JNJBTW to my colleagues in the Corporate Communication group.  Margaret Gurowitz, who many of you know as the brains behind the entertaining, insightful and popular Kilmer House blog, is going to help manage JNJBTW through this transition while continuing to pen Kilmer House.   My colleagues in the media relations team will take on responsibility for managing @JNJComm.

I wish them — and everyone who I’ve worked with over the years at Johnson & Johnson —  much success in the future.  Farewell and best of luck with everything!

26 Responses to “It is With Mixed Emotions…”

  1. Christa says

    Best wishes to you Marc. It has been a pleasure reading your blogs and I wish you much success on your future endeavors.

  2. Daniel Ghinn says

    Marc, your work with Johnson & Johnson as been an inspiration not only to me but to so many in the healthcare industry. I wish you every success in your next move. The legacy of initiatives you have started at J&J lives on…

  3. Steve Woodruff says

    Marc, you’ve set a great example for others in J&J (and pharma in general) to follow. And I have no doubt that you’ll add tremendous value as you hang out your own shingle and consult more widely. Kudos!

  4. Richard Meyer says

    I made the same decision after two years at Medtronic because I could not put money ahead of patients. There comes a point in time when we all are going to face a similar decision that you have made and I wish you the best of luck. As long as you stick to what you believe in and put patients first you will be successful. Best of luck to you

  5. Jane Sarasohn-Kahn says

    Marc, you’ve been a health social media pioneer. Thanks for helping to build the foundation for this phenomenon, and for being an innovator. I look forward to witnessing your Renaissance and co-creating with you at the intersection of health, people and technology. All the best…

  6. Anne Loya says

    Marc – congratulations and best of luck in your next career path! You were always so helpful to me in the Advertising Group and I really appreciated it. I’ll continue to follow you on Twitter. Good luck again!

  7. Tish Lascelle says

    Hey Marc… your legacy will be taking us gently into the big, scary blogosphere and demonstrating that it has value that exceeds risk. Pioneers have it the hardest and your vision for our increased transparency took us far. Good luck with your new venture and Margaret is a great choice to carry on the work! Love her Kilmer House blog.

  8. Nancy Lewin says

    Best of luck Marc!!! You helped all of us here at J&J understand the world of digital. Blogs, Tweets, user-generated content, legal issues, privacy policy, EVERYTHING!! we will miss you so much. Thank you for everything!!

  9. Irene Infanti says

    Marc, best of luck and success as you move into this new phase of your career. This is a loss for J&J. Thank you for bringing us all further along in the digital world!

  10. Todd Defren says

    Marc, you’ve been a friend, ally and valued client for years now, and will be sorely missed. I know we will stay in touch (let me know how SHIFT can help in your next gig!), but wanted to use this public forum to wish you all the best.

  11. Marc says

    Thanks to everyone for all of the kind words. It was a tough decision, but I’m really excited about what tomorrow holds. And remember — I’m just a tweet or e-mail away!

  12. Joerg Kurt Wegner says

    Best of luck Marc, I subscribed to Twitter, and count me in as a peer. Thanks for everything! And yes, especially in the social space Goethe’s word are very true “The world is so empty if one thinks only of mountains, rivers and cities; but to know someone here and there who thinks and feels with us, and though distant, is close to us in spirit – this makes the earth for us an inhabited garden.”

  13. Angela Chiu says

    can’t believe my eyes here. i salute to your courage n wishing you very best!

  14. Lisa Warren says

    Mark – it’s been a pleasure working with you. I wish you well in your new venture.

  15. Rob Halper says

    Seeing all that you’ve accomplished in one place makes me realize what a trailblazer you’ve been in making J&J a respected leader in the social media space. You should be immensely proud of all you’ve accomplished, especially in an area which was uncharted and met with some wariness. You will be sorely missed here, but I think it’s a great move to bring your expertise and insights to a larger community. I have no doubt of your success, and know you will thrive in the “outside world.” I’ll miss you as a colleague of course, but also as a friend, confidant, supporter and compadre. We’ve shared a similar world view, sense of humor and some great martinis at CLYDZ! That, I hope, will continue. All the best Marc, to you and your family.

  16. Ellen Hoenig says

    You are leaving quite a social media legacy for JNJ to continue building…best of luck!
    See you in the jersey trenches…:-) Ellen

  17. Margaret Gurowitz says


    Best of luck with all that you do! It’s been great working with you. We will all miss you, and you certainly have VERY big shoes to fill in social media and on JNJBTW!

  18. Mike Ullmann says

    Best of Luck Marc in your exciting endeavors. It has been great working with you. I’m sure I’ll be running into you at the A&B. All the Best.

  19. Matthew Holt says

    Getting here late but echoing everyone else. Not easy being “first” at a big pharma and you’ve rode that wave with style! Looking forward to the next chapter

  20. Jai says

    All the best in your new endeavor. Thank you for all you have done here.
    Best regards,
    Jai Sehgal

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