November 1st, 2011

Our Statement on Baby Shampoo Ingredients in the News

From Jay Kosminsky, Vice President, Worldwide Communication and Public Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

Today a coalition of groups known as the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is issuing a report critical of some of the ingredients in JOHNSON’S® Baby products. The first and most important thing to know is that the products they mention are safe – up to our own high standards and approved by regulators in the U.S., EU, and China. Still, because we know that some consumers are concerned, we have made a number of changes to our product line over the past two years. You can read more about the actions we’ve taken on the JOHNSON’S® Baby site, by clicking here.


21 Responses to “Our Statement on Baby Shampoo Ingredients in the News”

  1. Gini Maus says

    Your response is quite interesting in that today (11/2/11) ABC27News (Harrisburg, PA) just broadcast that you do in fact have cancer causing chemicals, formeldahyde for one, in your baby shampoo. All American consumers need to do is go to a foreign country to purchase baby shampoo without the cancer causing chemicals. Hmmmm….someone’s not telling the truth. I believe American consumers need to do a “Bank of America” boycott on J&J.

  2. jewel says

    This is SAD! I don’t know how you people sleep at night knowing you could possibly be hurting billions of children. I hope you all are ready for judgement day! I will be throwing away EVERY J&J product in my home and find alternative brands!

  3. Justin Wahrenburg says

    As you stated, “up to our high standards”, your standards are not the same as the parents that are rubbing your products on their children. Your motive is money, our motive is health!! I would consider rewording that. The standards of the US have us in a economic mess as well as EU and China. I would consider removing these products altogether just “TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE” of cancer. I expected a more personal answer to my email, however, you chose the typical corporate response by referring me to a statement, website or another department. I will find other products to use. I will speak louder with my wallet.

  4. Daly says

    Just make products safe and I’m sure that customers will be happy, and so will our precious babies.

  5. Jon Smith says

    Why won’t J&J simply sell in the US the same, non-carcinogen containing shampoo it sells in the UK? And why wasn’t the presence of known carcinogens disclosed on the label of the product? I agree that a boycott of J&J is in order, and I will actively avoid buying any other J&J products due to J&J’s long-habit of selling unsafe products without disclosing the risks to consumers.

  6. Sean says

    You are working to address the issue, so I am satisfied, thank you. I know J &J is, as a general rule, more responsible than most consumer companies. Good to know you’re not fleecing people with your natural product.

  7. Meegan Iverson says

    I had always purchased the J&J Brand name because I thought their standards were high, and that they had babies’ health as a top priority. Now I see that I was wrong, and yes, I will be boycotting J&J products, and proclaiming my disappointment via the internet and social sites. If J&J had the incentive to upgrade their product for the American Market, I’m sure they would have. That they didn’t do it of their own accord is quite sad.

  8. Heather says

    This really does undermine the trust in your brand. Your current response is weak and the fact that you’ve already had two years to redress this wrong is frustrating. Johnson & Johnson is no longer a trusted name and I’ve moved on to an alternate product for my baby. I am just extremely disappointed in your corporation and decision-making.
    We may never know, or be able to prove, the full damage done by the chemicals, but the damage to your brand could not be worth it.

  9. Sara says

    I always trusted J&J as a brand. I am now giving it a second look. You make the “natural” products without these carcinogens in them. Why is it not possible to make all of your products without them? Why is it taking years to remove them? I understand it meets your “high standards” but I am sure no parent wants to knowingly apply these products to their children.

  10. Kristina says

    I agree with may others that this response is pretty week. Why do you have a Natural product, which I am sure cost more than the regular shampoo, when you should just remove the cancer causing additives. To use the excuse that the amount of cancer causing additives that you use is well withing the regulation of that country is very sad. If you can offer your product without the cancer causing additives in other countries than change your product here. Unfortunately this response has only further strengthened my resolve to not use your product anymore. The fact that you sound like you are well within regulations to have these cancer causing additives proves that we can no longer trust the J&J company for the safety of our babies.

  11. Suzanne Camarillo says

    I am not satisfied in the least with your response or explanation regarding your ingredients. I will not use your products. Neither will my children, my children’s children or my children’s children’s children.

    I will also be certain to tell everyone I know and anyone I meet not to use your products.

    Adios J&J.

  12. Brianna says

    These products are safe up to Johnson & Johnson’s standards? Looks like their standards are quite low. They’ve known about these dangerous chemicals for two years. They make safer varieties to sell in other countries, but not in the US? Why are American babies considered less important than babies in other countries? I will be boycotting the company until all of their products are safe. My trust in this company has been broken. The response from the company is very unsettling. It seems as though they aren’t taking this seriously. Perhaps they will when they start losing consumers over the issue.

  13. Ellaine says

    Our mothers and families all used these products and trusted this company. I feel like we’ve been tricked all these years thinking this company was a family company as so stated in the commercials to day. Little did we know there were not only carcinogens in the products we trusted but that these products are first tested on animals.
    I feel if a product is being put out to the public and the need for testing has to be done then the product should not be on the market.

  14. Heather says

    Please….I am writing because I want to give you, J&J, the chance to do the right thing. Please take the KNOWN cancer causing ingredients out of your products. You already do it in other countries, so please do it for us, your base in the United States. Please do the right thing. Please.

  15. Krista says

    I have also had the standard response to my complaint, and referred to this statement. Have a read of the list of ingredients on the J+J products. How can all these chemicals be safe for your body? I am not touching any of their products. I recommend finding natural products that have ingredients that you can understand. (Krista, Australia).

  16. Brenda Gold says

    I have used J&J Baby Shampoo all my life. I am now looking for a brand that does not contain ANY harmful ingredients at whatever amounts.

  17. Madonna Jeffers says

    It is very disheartening to know a company that everyone has trusted for many years, has ingredients in their products that could be very harmful to precious babies and small children. Take heed, what goes around comes around, and I hope everyone boycotts J & J for their lack of judgment. and consideration for children. Madonna Jeffers

  18. Beth Messersmith says

    To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Like others, I’ve trusted your products’ safety for years and purchased them to use on the most important people in my life-my kids. Now I feel that trust has been betrayed. If you can make safer products for sale in other countries, it is unforgivable that you would continue to sell less than safe products here at home. Your response as communicated via your e-mail and website are unacceptable. Instead of taking responsibility and commiting to make things right, you continue to pass the buck. Until I hear proof that you are selling products that meet the highest safety standards, you have lost my business.

  19. Anon says

    I’m happy that the company is taking actions on fixing the problem. To me that shows that they do care. To be honest with you everything and the air we breathe everyday is not safe. I would be leased worried about the non traceable amounts of those ingredients and be more concerned with bigger issues.

  20. Margaret Gurowitz says

    We have read your comments and appreciate your concerns as parents and consumers of our baby products. We want to assure you that our JOHNSON’S® products are safe, and share with you a response that we provided today to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics about the safety of our products and the steps we take – and will continue to take – to respond to changing needs and values of consumers. You can read the letter and our original statement about how we ensure the safety of our products here:

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