Everyone else is talking about our company, so why can’t we? There are approximately 116,000 people who work for Johnson & Johnson and its operating companies around the world.  This blog is an opportunity for us to find a voice,  — and start some conversations, give our perspective and share some stories — that often get lost in formal communications about the work we do and the things we value.
This is a big step for us as a company. Anyone working for a large corporation will appreciate that there are many internal limitations on what we say and how we say it.  When we started blogging in 2006 (and JNJ BTW launched its first post out into the blogosphere in 2007), we had to unlearn many of our old habits and traditional approaches to communicating, and work to find our own voices…and we’re still working on it.
On JNJ BTW, you will find talk about Johnson & Johnson — what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and why. There will be comments on the news about our company and the industry — occasionally correcting any mistakes (not that that ever happens!) or simply providing more context.  You’ll also find stories from our employees around the world, posts about programs we’re proud of, and information about some of the challenges we face.  JNJ BTW began with one blogger, and since then it has evolved to include many employee bloggers, plus the occasional guest blogger from outside of our organization. Some of us are frequent contributors and some may post only once, but we’re all here to give you our perspectives on the things we’re working on.
We may not always be able to talk about product-specific issues, news from our operating companies or issues that fall under regulatory or legal constraints. But we’re going to do what we can to talk openly, directly and to the best of our knowledge.
To meet our editor and some of our regular contributors, please go here.

In the meantime, welcome to JNJ BTW, and we invite encourage you to join the conversation with us!