March 1st, 2011

Blissdom 2011: Using Social Media for Social Good

In January, Johnson & Johnson was a sponsor at Blissdom 2011, a leading social media conference for women bloggers, in Nashville, Tennessee. It was great to meet the bloggers in person after following many of them online, and there was a lot of excitement about our theme of “using social media for social good”. We also had a chance to highlight some of our own philanthropic programs like mothers2mothers and Safe Kids. In addition, we set up an informal video studio where we asked attendees, and attendees asked each other, “How have you used social media for social good?” We noted some of these responses about social good previously on JNJ BTW. Below, we’ve edited some of the highlights together, from almost 50 responses, to produce what I think is an inspiring few minutes of video. Thanks to all those who participated!

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February 23rd, 2011

Healthy Food for All

From Bonnie Petrauskas, Director, Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson 

This winter, I had the pleasure of attending New Brunswick, New Jersey’s first public forum on what can be done to improve access to readily available, nutritious, safe and affordable foods at all times to help people lead an active, healthy lifestyle.  Known within public health circles as an effort to create “food security,” the meeting was the result of a collaborative effort by Johnson & Johnson, Ellijah’s Promise and the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), among other organizations. Ellijah’s Promise provides culinary training, education, employment, social services and nutritious meals to empower underserved residents in New Brunswick, and offers opportunities for community service.  DEVCO initiates redevelopment projects to aid in New Brunswick’s economic revitalization.  

The local community came together in a big way for this event, creating necessary dialogue around this issue. In New Brunswick, like many cities in this country, residents face many challenges in accessing healthy foods from socioeconomic factors to a lack of understanding about healthy food choices, among other issues.  According to The United States Department of Agriculture’s  most recent Economic Research Service report, 14.7 percent (17.4 million) of U.S. households were food insecure at some time during 2009.

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February 14th, 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011 — Thinking About Moms and Children

From Sharon D’Agostino, Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Contributions and Community Relations, Johnson & Johnson

My heart is different this Valentine’s Day — a day when many celebrate love. It has been touched by individuals transforming the world by caring for girls and women who, for many reasons, feel neglected and unloved.

Writing Valentine notes over the past several days to people I love, my mind followed a path back to the work that my team and I are privileged to do at Johnson & Johnson, work with community-based partners dedicated to saving and improving the lives of women and children.

The path began as I addressed a card to my parents and thought of a story that my aunt had told me several years ago. She said that my mother had been in labor for twenty hours in bringing me into this world. If my mother had been giving birth in a rural village outside Dar es Salaam or Addis Ababa, even today, without someone to finally help reposition her yet unborn child, my mother’s prolonged labor likely would have resulted in an obstetric fistula and her daughter would have died inside her. My mother’s good fortune, and mine, was that a nurse was present through most of her labor.

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February 8th, 2011

Happy Birthday — Text4Baby Turns One!!!

By Sarah Colamarino, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Johnson & Johnson

As a mother, I have always been proud of our work to better the health of women and children around the world. Over the past 2 years, I had the opportunity to be deeply involved with text4baby, an initiative designed to deliver healthy pregnancy information to under resourced expectant mothers.

The idea was simple: leverage the reach of mobile phones to deliver important health information to new and expecting moms. The concept of text4baby was born at the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition and quickly became a reality through an innovative platform from Voxiva, the essential backing of CTIA—The Wireless Foundation and the passionate support of the healthcare community across the country.

As David Borstein explained in a piece on today’s online version of the New York Times, helping to raise text4baby has been quite a journey. From the White House to public health clinics across the country, more than 400 partners adopted text4baby as their own. As the founding sponsor of text4baby, Johnson & Johnson salutes the efforts of every partner who helped text4baby reach more than 126,000 moms in just one year. I’ve seen their efforts firsthand at the grassroots level and they are truly moving.

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February 4th, 2011

World Cancer Day 2011

From William N. Hait, MD, PhD, Global Therapeutic Area Head, Oncology, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development

Cancer. It’s a disease that affected an estimated 15 million people in 2010. That number is projected to rise dramatically to 27 million by 2030, according to the World Health Organization. These numbers are indicative of a public health concern that deserves to be a priority.

Throughout Johnson & Johnson, there are people who are working to combat cancer and its effects, whether through innovative products or collaborations, such as a recent partnership between Veridex and Massachusetts General Hospital, to develop technology to capture, count and characterize tumor cells found in patients’ blood. This collaboration, which also involves Ortho Biotech Oncology Research & Development, a unit of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, has been discussed on JNJ BTW before…it aims to develop a next-generation, automated diagnostic test that’s can detect a cancer cell from a billion blood cells. The test will be strong enough to reveal the biology of cells at the DNA, RNA and protein levels.

In all segments of our business, pharmaceuticals, consumer and medical devices & diagnostics, we are using our expertise to address cancer.

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February 4th, 2011

Thoughts on Blissdom

From Lynda Benton, Director, Corporate Equity, Johnson & Johnson

While my family was digging out (again) from yet another snowstorm here in the Northeast last week, I was thankfully able to catch a flight out of snowy Newark to  spend a few days in Nashville, attending my first blogger conference, Blissdom 2011.  Though I’ve been reading blogs for a while, this was my first blogger conference – and I found the energy, wit and passion of the people there to be truly inspiring.  So much so, that I felt the need to try my hand at it with this, my first blog post on JNJBTW. 

 There are already a number of summaries of Blissdom that I’ve come across (including this one from Sarah on her Real Life blog that highlights LOTS of other recaps), so I’m not going to get into all that happened there.  But I did want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the wonderful women (and yes – couple of men!) who shared stories with my colleagues and I from Johnson & Johnson.  You see, while there, we set up a video camera (thanks to Rob Halper, AKA @jnjvideo) and asked everyone one very simple question:  “How have you used social media for social good?”   — and were rewarded with a huge diversity of touching answers.   

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February 2nd, 2011

When Do I Change My Contact Lenses?

I can be a forgetful person. If it’s not written down on my to-do list, I’ll probably forget to do it. So I wasn’t surprised when I learned that studies have shown many contact lens users don’t replace their contact lens as frequently as they should.

Now, instead of writing something down on a sticky note, or tying a string around my finger to help me remember when to change my lenses, I’ve been using a tool developed by our Vistakon business – www.acuminder.com.   This free service sends me an automatic reminder via text message (though it can also send the subscriber an e-mail message) to let me know when it’s time to change my contact lenses. Since its launch, 40,000 contact lens wearers have registered.

One of the most common issues raised by contact lens wearers is forgetting which day to change their contacts. As a result, many use their lenses long after the recommended replacement date. Adherence to prescribed replacement schedules and recommended wearing schedules, as well as regular return visits to the eye care practitioner for yearly examinations, are essential to good eye health, which is why a reminder service such as Acuminder is so valuable. By not following instructions on proper wear and care, contact lens wearers are more likely to experience discomfort and may put themselves at greater risk for infection or other serious complications.

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January 27th, 2011

Blissdom 2011!

I’m down in Nashville, where two exciting things are happening. One, it’s not snowing and two, Blissdom is starting! Johnson & Johnson is a sponsor of the conference attended by “women who find and express their bliss by publishing online.” Blissdom is being held at the Opryland hotel, where 650-700 attendees are expected.
Johnson & Johnson will be sponsoring a session entitled, Advocates and Activists: Harnessing Social Media for Social Good in the Face of Compassion Fatigue. We will also be raffling off a $100 donation to a charity through Give Back , an organization that empowers individuals and groups to donate to the philanthropic initiative of their choice. We will also be highlighting our own philanthropic programs, including mothers2mothers(m2m), Text4baby, Safe Kids Worldwide® and Healthy Babies Are Worth the WaitSM. The concept of using social media for social good aligns with our Credo responsibilities to the communities in which we live and work, and the world community as well.

In addition, Blissdom attendees will have the opportunity to make a video recording about what “giving back” means to them. These videos will be edited on-site and posted during the conference to the Johnson & Johnson health channel on YouTube. Check them out!

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January 25th, 2011

The State of the Business Address

Every January, following the release of the company’s fourth-quarter 2010 earnings, our chairman and chief addresses the financial analysts who follow the company to provide an assessment of the state of the business.  Earlier today, Chairman and CEO Bill Weldon did just that.  You can listen to a replay of the earnings call – including Bill’s remarks – but I thought it would be of interest to share a few things covered during this wide-ranging discussion for those checking out JNJBTW.  As he finished the call, Bill made the following points:

“Whether we encounter periods of slow economic growth, a product issue, or a market challenge, this commitment [to Our Credo Operating Model and our people] is the reason we can manage through the turbulent times, continue investing, and stay well-positioned for sustainable growth.

As I wrap-up, let me re-cap some of the critical points I hope you will take away today.

Johnson & Johnson is built on a strong foundation, driven by its Credo and operating model, and we are emerging stronger from recent challenges.

Our overall business is performing well, led by our Medical Devices & Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals businesses.

We have made changes to address our supply chain issues and continue to build the Consumer business with science-based innovations that will lead the market as the business and economy recovers.

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