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January 15th, 2014

What It Means to Lead: Reflections from NAFE Ceremony honoring Sandi Peterson

Last month, NAFE honored Johnson & Johnson’s Sandi Peterson as its 2013 Woman of the Year.  We invited two employees, both members of our Women’s Leadership Initiative, to attend the awards ceremony and share their thoughts with us.

Nina Zalah, IT Analyst, Enterprise Business Solutions

I was so proud to have a seat at the table with such amazing leaders!  The stories that all of the NAFE winners told were inspirational and it’s remarkable to me how much they have accomplished in their careers.  I realized how human each of them are, which made them seem so authentic and even more impressive as leaders.

One idea that stood out to me is that we should not classify ourselves in a different category as “female leaders.”  Our mission as women in the corporate world should be to get rid of those differentiators and have people ask us questions about our career and success, rather than just our roles as women and moms.  I also learned that being a role model is more important than being a sponsor or a mentor.  A role model is someone you aspire to be, and you strive to emulate their actions and decisions.  That idea changed the way I think about mentoring.

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January 13th, 2014

Doing Good in the Neighborhood


Editor’s note: Johnson & Johnson has more than 128,000 employees around the world.  Throughout 2014, we’re going to bring you their unique stories.  Whether they are employees who work with a nonprofit, mentor children, or simply volunteer at their local soup kitchen, we want to show that small acts of kindness can make big changes in the world we live in.  These stories have inspired us, and we hope they’ll inspire you, too.

“Those who can lead have an obligation to do so, in the realm of citizenship…”  General Robert Wood Johnson, 1949

Name: Tricia Haertlin

Position/J&J Company: Senior Administrative Associate for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Tricia Haertlin, Senior Administrative Associate at Janssen, works with Operation Quiet Comfort to recycle used jeans and transform them into quilts covered in messages from home for wounded U.S. soldiers in the Middle East.  “Connecting with others is SUCH a good thing in our lives. I would hope to encourage people to find a project they like and jump in at some level.  Typically one thing can lead to another and pretty soon you will have something to do… somewhere to go… people to care about… and a much fuller life.”

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January 6th, 2014

A Bright New Life: Saving Smiles with Operation Smile

by Sheri Woodruff, Vice President, Communications
ETHICON Surgical Care


Photo Credit: Operation Smile Photo – Jessica Lifland

I had the honor several weeks ago to accompany four of my amazing Johnson & Johnson colleagues from the Ethicon business as volunteers on an Operation Smile mission in Paraguay.  Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that works in more than 60 countries to provide free, safe reconstructive surgery for children and young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities.

As volunteers, we performed a variety of tasks aimed at making the mission a little more efficient and fun for everyone.  My favorite jobs were playing with children in the waiting room and helping out in recovery.  These were the times when I got to connect most closely with the children and felt like I could help to make them more comfortable.

I was in the waiting room early one morning, tossing an inflated beach ball back and forth with several of the day’s patients, when a tiny dark-eyed girl was carried in by her mother.  Dad trailed closely behind, smiling shyly.  Once her mother lowered her to the floor, the little girl flashed me a devilish grin and flicked a tiny hand in the air to intercept the bouncing beach ball.  I laughed and she giggled and we played together with her parents on the brightly-painted floor of the waiting room.  She had a sweet smile and I could see that she previously had surgery for a cleft lip – now beautifully healed.

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January 6th, 2014

Doing Good in the Neighborhood


Editor’s note: Johnson & Johnson has more than 128,000 employees around the world.  Throughout 2014, we’re going to bring you their unique stories.  Whether they are employees who work with a nonprofit, mentor children, or simply volunteer at their local soup kitchen, we want to show that small acts of kindness can make big changes in the world we live in.  These stories have inspired us, and we hope they’ll inspire you, too.  Happy and Healthy New Year, from Johnson & Johnson.

“Those who can lead have an obligation to do so, in the realm of citizenship…”  General Robert Wood Johnson, 1949

Name: Madeline Lu

Position/J&J Company: IT Analyst, Project Management in the Application Services group

Madeline Lu, IT Analyst at Johnson & Johnson, is a volunteer firefighter at Kendall Park Fire Company and the Princeton Fire Department, New Jersey.  Madeline’s service as a volunteer firefighter taught her the importance of teamwork and creative thinking in urgent situations, while breaking the stereotype that firefighters are only big, strong men.  “I’ve always believed in the importance of being thankful for what you have and giving back to the community wherever possible. Many communities rely on volunteer first responders to provide services in medical and fire emergencies, and it’s comforting to know that when you dial 911, it could very well be your neighbor who literally comes to your rescue.”




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December 23rd, 2013

From Our Family To Yours: Happy Holidays!

by Devon Eyer, Director, Social Media

No matter what holiday you observe, this time of year is all about caring and giving. We’re pleased to share with you a whole collection of holiday reflections from some of our employees.

My favorite holiday memory is the first Christmas I spent with my now-wife. We were dating at the time, and I got her a ring. I didn’t make much money, so it wasn’t flashy at all. Her family got nervous when they found out that I had given her a ring, and thought I was asking her to marry me. It wasn’t until they thought I was proposing that I starting thinking about the possibility of marriage. We were married that June. She loved the ring, and still wears it everyday.

– Calvin Kirkland

My favorite memory was our first Christmas in America.  Our family gathered together in the evenings around the Christmas tree that was in the center of our window.  Snow was falling in the background, we did not have snow where we lived before. We felt so proud to be here, to call the United States of America our home, and have our first American Christmas.

– Sovana Krang

My favorite holiday memory has to be my wedding.  My husband and I were planning our big, fancy, expensive wedding when on Christmas Day, we decided to scrap the plans.  That Monday, December 27, we drove to Georgia Town Hall and got married for $75!  It was awesome.  We sent our families post cards to announce.

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December 19th, 2013

A Global Push to End Alzheimer’s

by Paul Stoffels, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson and Worldwide Chairman, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Editor’s note: Dr. Paul Stoffels recently participated in the G8 Dementia Summit in London as the only industry speaker.  He joined UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) among many others to discuss and develop a coordinated global action on dementia, one of the biggest health challenges in the coming decades.  Dr. Stoffels shares his thoughts about the conference in this blog post.

Thirty years ago, the world faced the global crisis of HIV/AIDS. It was a complex disease that was little understood, spreading, and claiming the lives of people all over the world. At the time, there were no AIDS specific treatments; an HIV diagnosis meant death within 2 years. The first World AIDS Day was held in 1988 to identify solutions for working together to make a significant impact on the disease in part through research and the development of new treatments. Later, in 2002, the G8 came together to coordinate resources and efforts to improve access to new medicines through the development of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

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December 10th, 2013

Honoring the Memory of Nelson Mandela

by Will Stephens, Vice President of Global Access and Partnerships at Janssen, Global Services, LLC.

Johnson & Johnson honors the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. One of our employees reflects on Mr. Mandela’s commitment to raising HIV awareness and treatment in South Africa.


Will Stephens meeting with Nelson Mandela in 2003

There are certain places that will remind you of important events in your life: for me, South Africa is linked to a chance meeting that will be etched in my memory forever: a meeting with Nelson Mandela. As fate would have it, in the week of his memorial service and funeral I am in South Africa with the Janssen global HIV access team.  As we talked about the state of HIV and our HIV drug access program following World AIDS Day and prepared for exciting new initiatives, it was impossible not to reflect on Nelson Mandela’s legacy and relevance to HIV.

Over the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of working with our colleagues on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and Janssen in Sub-Saharan and South Africa. Throughout the varied challenges we have faced as industry, my time in South Africa has been a true education in the social, political and cultural evolution of the country over the past two decades.

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December 2nd, 2013

Celebrating Giving Tuesday

Welcome to #GivingTuesday!  Johnson & Johnson is proud to support the 92nd St Y and the United Nations Foundation in this movement to come together and give back to communities, organizations and people in need.

To celebrate giving today and throughout the holiday season, we’re proud to announce the launch of our CARE GROWS giving program, which you can visit at  It’s simple – visit the website, make a donation through one of our three social good programs, and we’ll match it.  Select a project to fund through Catapult, donate a photo through the Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo app, or give a gift in the Save the Children Gifts of Joy catalog – and Johnson & Johnson will match your donation.

Want to read more about Giving Tuesday?

You can follow us on Twitter or visit our Facebook page for updates throughout the day and the holiday season.

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December 2nd, 2013

A Glimpse of the Needs of People Living with HIV in Haiti

By Dr. Perry Mohammed, Medical Director of the Janssen Global Access and Partnerships Program

As a physician and a native of Trinidad and Tobago, the health needs of people living in the Caribbean are never far from my mind. As medical director of Janssen’s Global Access & Partnership’s Program, I work each day to ensure that people living with HIV in some of the world’s poorest countries have access to the medicines they need to stay healthy.  World AIDS Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress that’s been made in combatting HIV/AIDS worldwide. However, a recent trip to Haiti was a clear reminder that the task is far from over.

photo 1

Haiti is a country in constant recovery. It’s been devastated by hurricanes and natural disasters, including the 2010 earthquake, which killed approximately 200,000 people and left 1.5 million Haitians homeless. Despite billions of dollars in international aid to help Haiti rebuild, there are still 350,000 people living in camps amidst severe sanitation problems and a lack of access to clean water today. Additionally, the worst cholera epidemic in recent history began in Haiti in October 2010: more than 8,300 people have died and almost 650,000 cases have been recorded.

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December 1st, 2013

Marking World AIDS Day

Since the first discovery of HIV in the 1980s, there has been much progress in the prevention and treatment of the infection and the disease.

World AIDS Day, which takes place today, December 1, serves as a reminder that while significant progress has been made in the global battle against HIV/AIDS, there is still much to be done with 34 million people infected with HIV and, although down from previous years, there were 2.3 million new infections in 2012.

As a leading broadly-based health care company, Johnson & Johnson is committed to the prevention, detection, education and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Here are some of the ways we’re making a difference in the fight against the disease:

  • During the course of 2013 we demonstrated our ongoing commitment to develop new HIV treatment options in order to simplify treatment , entered into an agreement with PATH – an international non-profit – to develop a long-acting formulation of one of our medicines as a possible new way to prevent HIV infection, and continued our early basic research toward fulfilling the dream of an HIV vaccine.
  • Through the Janssen Global Access and Partnerships Program we continue to increase access and ensure safe and appropriate use of our HIV medicines in least developed countries.

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