February 1st, 2012

Letter to The Wall Street Journal on Executive Changes


The Wall Street Journal published a story yesterday on executive changes at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, and the Company has responded with the following letter to the editor from Ray Jordan, Vice President of Public Affairs and Corporate Communication for Johnson & Johnson:

January 31, 2012

Dear Editor of The Wall Street Journal,

In reporting on recent departures at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies (“J&J Shakes Up McNeil Unit Again”), your article got only some of the facts right, and the overall story wrong. Patrick Mutchler, to whom the President of our McNeil Consumer Healthcare business reported, chose to retire from Johnson & Johnson after 35 years of exemplary service to the company.  You inaccurately connected the departure of another senior executive, Pericles Stamatiades, to Mr. Mutchler’s retirement even though he had no direct responsibility for the McNeil business.

Through their contributions to our business, the leaders they have developed, and the many friends they made at Johnson & Johnson, Mr. Mutchler and Mr. Stamatiades have left an extraordinary legacy, and we will miss them. Perhaps most important, however, is the fact that McNeil Consumer Healthcare today remains under the same strong leadership of President Denice Torres, who stepped into her role last April. 

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January 20th, 2012

Introducing Global Motherhood

From Sharon D’Agostino, Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Contributions and Community Relations, Johnson & Johnson

Yesterday, we announced that Johnson & Johnson and the AOL-Huffington Post have launched an exciting new partnership called Global Motherhood. This partnership will give us the opportunity to share stories from many of our philanthropic programs, Buy Brand Viagra Cialis Levitra Online Drug Shop highlighting the outstanding work that our partner organizations do to make a difference in the lives of women and children around the world.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog on the Huffington Post, the launch of the Global Motherhood partnership offered the opportunity to share my quiet but long-held belief that the world revolves around mothers. As I visit villages, cities, townships, and remote rural areas in low- and middle-resource countries, I’m struck by the power of mothers as champions for the health and survival of their children, their families and, by extension, their communities. generic viagra for sale with the highest concentration 200mg And I am touched and inspired by the dedication of the many people and organizations working to bring better health to mothers and children — including our partners like mothers2mothers, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Water.org and Tostan.

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January 11th, 2012

New ennTV Episode

The new episode of ennTV is out!  EnnTV is a new video news series for Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies employees, hosted by employees.  In the spirit of social media, we’ve been making the series available externally so that employees can share it with their friends and families, to give them an inside look at some of the things happening around the world in the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.  Employees who have appeared in the series so far have been sharing the episodes on their social networks, and have found that it’s a great way to answer the question from their families “What do you do at work?”

Stories in this episode include an interview with Tina Sharkey, Global President and Chairman of BabyCenter, LLC, about the shared commitment to mothers and children and the new MAMA partnership;  a look at a high tech 3-D navigation system from one of our operating companies that provides views of the heart’s electrical activity; and the answers to the question posed to our worldwide employees in the last ennTV episode:  how do you hope people will describe the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in the future…in three words or less?

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January 10th, 2012

Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO Bill Weldon on CNBC Today

Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO Bill Weldon was a guest on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning for a 10-minute live interview.  Mr. Weldon talked about changing demographics and how they affect our businesses, discussed opportunities and challenges for Johnson & Johnson, and spoke about the Company’s strong portfolio and pipeline.  He outlined some of the ways that advances in science and technology are presenting tremendous opportunities for Johnson & Johnson to meet unmet medical needs and help advance health care, even in the face of current economic challenges.  Two areas of unmet need that he highlighted were Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.  Mr. Weldon also discussed the importance of innovation during a challenging economic climate, and how that innovation can deliver products that can make a real difference in the health and well-being of patients and consumers.

Mr. Weldon also reaffirmed the company’s commitment to Our Credo throughout the interview and described its significant role within our culture and our decentralized business model.

Here’s the full interview with Mr. Weldon at CNBC’s website:

Click here to watch the full interview

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December 20th, 2011

Our Commitment to People Living with HIV

From Will Stephens, Vice President, Global Access and Partnerships Program, Janssen

For additional perspectives on our approach to access to medicines and the Medicines Patent Pool, please click here.

Anyone familiar with our Company knows that our responsibility and commitment are always focused on the needs of patients.

This is more than a belief; it’s a way of life for my Global Access & Partnerships team. For people living with HIV in resource-limited countries, we work diligently to increase access and affordability for our HIV medicines.  We license our HIV medicines to generic companies to ensure they will be broadly available, and we operate our Global Access program on a not-for-profit basis.  We have a comprehensive effort to improve the health of women and children in the developing world, part of which is helping to ensure that no child is born with HIV. We are also working on a portfolio of child-friendly formulations of our HIV medicines so that kids living with HIV will have more treatment options.

And our greatest responsibility is ensuring we meet the needs of HIV patients today and for the future.

Earlier this year, we responded to a formal invitation from the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) to begin negotiations to grant licenses to the patents for our HIV medicines.

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December 7th, 2011

Providing Access to Clean, Safe Drinking Water in the Central African Republic


By Abraham Wright, Senior Project Engineer, Product Development, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company

Water is essential to daily life: we use it to wash our dishes and clothes, to take a shower, and to drink. For me, I’m lucky to have access to clean water every day, which is pumped directly into my home, so all I have to do is turn on the tap. Cheap Apcalis Oral Jelly Tadalafil 20mg without prescription For many people living in the Central African Republic, water is gathered in springs, rivers, ponds and even puddles, and carried in buckets for miles, and is not sanitary.

About six years ago, I became involved in a non-profit organization, Integrated Community Development International, which attempts to change this situation by drilling wells in the Central African Republic with the aim of providing pure, safe drinking water. new inexpensive drug against impotence avana  These wells use a hand pump to bring the water out of the ground.  Unfortunately, due to low water tables in central Africa, some of the wells are 300 to 400 feet deep and the hand pumps that are commercially available are not sufficient.

Installing the pipe for one of the new wells

In response to this problem, I engaged a group of engineers that I work with at DePuy Orthopaedics, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, along with engineers in Ohio and Kansas, to volunteer their time to develop a pump that could provide access to clean water when the water is too deep for standard hand pumps.

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December 5th, 2011

Healthy Minds: Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain


From Husseini K. Manji, M.D., Global Therapeutic Area Head for Neuroscience, Janssen Research & Development, LLC.

We’re on the cusp of a golden age for neuroscience. We’re probing deeper into the intricacies of the brain and beginning to see novel ideas translate into better lives for millions of people.

But to discover the next revolutionary idea, we need to come together as a field – government, academia and industry – and share knowledge, buy cheap cialis super force online data, tools and models to enhance our understanding of disease biology, identify new treatment targets, develop new diagnostics and improve outcomes for patients with disease.

I’ve been involved in neuroscience research for more than 18 years, first at the National Institutes of Health and now at J&J, and I have experienced firsthand the decline in federal and industry support and the fragmentation of research between industry and academia, both of which have slowed the pace of progress. Order eriacta in our online pharmacy without a prescription The science continues to be complicated and difficult, and navigating the road to solutions will require greater collaboration and cooperation. What is clear is that no single entity can get to the next great breakthrough working alone.

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December 1st, 2011

World AIDS Day, 2011: Our Commitment to Prevention, Detection, Education and Treatment


December 1st is World AIDS Day. With 2011 marking  30 years since the Centers for Disease Control made the first mention of the disease  that would come to be known HIV, this anniversary is especially poignant. Johnson & Johnson and our Family of Companies remain committed to the prevention, detection, education and treatment of HIV/AIDS, and I wanted to share with you some of those ongoing efforts.

In our commitment to HIV prevention, care and support, Johnson & Johnson’s Corporate Contributions group partners with organizations working both globally and locally in over 100 programs.  For example:

•    Employing HIV-positive mothers to mentor newly-diagnosed HIV-positive pregnant women in South Africa.
•    Enhancing the leadership and management skills of domestic AIDS Service Organizations to improve service delivery.
•    Teaching kids in Zimbabwe about HIV prevention through fun and engaging soccer drills. Linking HIV-positive individuals to care in China.
•    Using village savings and loan groups in Malawi as a forum to teach men and women about HIV/AIDS and health.
•    Supporting orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in communities around the world.

These are just a few of the innovative and meaningful domestic and global programs that Johnson & Johnson supports.

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November 29th, 2011

7 Summits for Alzheimer’s Awareness

From Ellen Rose, Director, Communications and Public Affairs, Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy

November is National Caregivers Month in the United States and also National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, as many as 36 million people worldwide are living with dementia and that number is expected to double every 20 years. The worldwide cost of dementia amounts to more than 1 percent of global GDP or $604 billion US dollars and in the United States, an estimated 10.9 million unpaid caregivers see to the daily needs of people with Alzheimer’s.

These are staggering numbers that are hard to put into perspective, but sometimes the societal and human impact of this devastating and fatal disease is better put into context through the personal experience of someone with a family member who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

I am privileged to work with one such individual – Alan Arnette, an Alzheimer’s disease advocate who has combined his passion for mountain climbing with advocacy through the 7 Summits Climb for Alzheimer’s:  Memories are Everything.  The 7 Summits is a public awareness campaign that that shines a light on the need for more research, education and urgency to address Alzheimer’s (Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy is a sponsor of this campaign). 

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November 23rd, 2011

Johnson & Johnson and Social Health at BlogWorld

From Devon Eyer, Director, Social Media, Johnson & Johnson

For the second consecutive year, Johnson & Johnson was the primary sponsor for the Social Health track at BlogWorld and New Media Expo, held November 3-5, 2011 in Los Angeles.  The event, which attracts attendees interested in emerging trends in social media and digital technology, has been a rich and rewarding opportunity for us to connect with patients, physicians, nurses, caregivers, advocates and digital health organizations looking to find information, share ideas, and most importantly – connect with others who want to affect change in healthcare.

As the newest member of the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Social Media team, I had the pleasure of attending this year’s event and found it to be a great introduction to what’s going on in the space.  I came away inspired by the passion and depth of speakers and attendees, and impressed by the lively and interactive discussions about challenges, successes and best practices from patients, practitioners and advocates for use of social media to advance healthcare.  Conversations ranged from privacy and rules of the road, to brainstorms about authenticity and making sure relevant, credible information rises to the top of searches for patients who need it. 

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